Human Mars Exploration Architecture Studies

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General References

  • The Mars Project [Wernher v. Braun 1962] The original human Mars mission design (chemical propulsion, conjunction class)

Round-Trip Human Mars Exploration

NASA Human Mars Mission Studies

Apollo-Era Mission Designs

Pre-SEI Human Mars Mission Studies

Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) Human Mars Mission Studies

Mars Design Reference Mission Studies

  • NASA’s Decadal Planning Team - Mars Mission Analysis Summary, JSC-63725 [Drake BG (editor), released 2007]

Non-DRM Studies

  • Austere Human Mission to Mars (PDF) NASA JPL (H. Price et al) Minimalist Mars Design Reference Mission [Space 2009 AIAA Conference Paper] JPL minimalist round-trip mission study from 2009

Mars Mission Designs by Robert Zubrin

Inspiration Mars

Miscellaneous Mission Designs

  • MarsDrive Consortium Mission

Mars Colonization

Miscellaneous Mars Colonization References

  • One-way to Mars, George W. Herbert, AAS 96-322, The Case for Mars VI : Making Mars an Affordable Destination, Boulder, CO, 1996.

Mars Colonization - Robert Zubrin

DevelopSpace MinMars Project

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