Arthur's Task List

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  • Continue to clean up MinMars project as the 'flagship' project example
  • Clean up project repository
    • Move DevelopSpace Information Systems Project & Open Source Engineering Tools Project out of Projects group and into new section?
    • What should be done with MIT SSAG and MIT Rocket Team "Projects"?
    • What should be done with Mars Solar Project?
  • Create new projects: Interplanetary Transfer Vehicle Concepts for Near-Term Human Exploration Missions beyond Low Earth Orbit; Flexible Path Design

Project Hosting

  • Develop new section for assisting new projects from outside of DevelopSpace to use our site (infrastructure, user manuals, templates, etc)

Exploration Reference Library

  • Clean up and update reference library
  • Try to include 1-2 line summaries of references

Information System Section

  • Integrate DevelopSpace Information System project and SiteRequests sections

Open-source Philosophy Section

  • Look into developing stand-alone open-source section
  • Possibility of including reference library on open-source systems
  • Integrate Interesting Links section