Human Lunar Exploration Architecture Studies

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General References

Apollo Lunar Outpost Concepts

NASA Pre-SEI Exploration Studies

Under construction...

NASA Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) Concepts

US / NASA Post-SEI Concepts

NASA First Lunar Outpost (FLO, 1992)

  • First Lunar Outpost Support Study [1993] Study of FLO lunar habitat interior layout by Saskawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA), University of Houston, prepared for NASA-JSC

NASA Lunox (1993)

General Dynamics Early Lunar Access (ELA, 1993)

NASA Lox Augmented Nuclear Thermal Rocket (LANTR, 1994)

NASA Human Lunar Return (HLR) (1996)

NASA Constellation Program Concepts (2005-present)

NASA Exploration Systems Architecture Study (ESAS, 2005)

2nd Space Exploration Conference, December 2006

  • NASA 2nd Exploration Conference website [NASA 2007] This website provides a detailed agenda with links to charts and videos presented at the 2nd Space Exploration Conference December 4-6, 2006, in Houston.

NASA Advisory Council (NAC) Workshop, February /March 2007

3rd Space Exploration Conference

Under construction...

US Chamber of Commerce workshop on NASA's lunar surface systems concepts 2/2009