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The wiki supports the following "interwiki" link shortcuts, which allow you to link to an external site without having to include the full URL. The links are created the same way as links to internal pages, except by pre-pending the page name with the shortcut and a colon. The page name following the colon will be substituted in place of the "$1" on the resulting link.

For example, [[svn:minmars]] will appear as svn:minmars and link to the minmars svn repository at

You can use a pipe character "|" to add a different link title. [[g:aerocapture | Google search for aerocapture]] will link to a Google search for aerocapture

Available Link Shortcuts
Short cut Link target
google, g$1

If there are any other link shortcuts you think we should add, please let us know.

A couple of notes for the curious:

  1. By default, external links from this wiki use a rel="nofollow" in the links which causes most search engines to not index the page pointed to by the external link, as a means of combating spam. These interwiki links are an exception, however, meaning that search engines will in fact index what is pointed to by these links, so in addition to being a convenient short-cut, it is a means to get search engines to index the content of, for example, our Subversion repository.
  2. The two shortcuts to DevelopSpace servers (svn and lists) are setup such that incoming links like and will forward to those respective sites. The other short-cuts don't work that way.