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Updated Simulation

January 17, 2008

Simulation files

Click below to download: File:Sim 2007 Oct

To run a simulation:

  • Check out motors.m, if the motor you want isn't there, add it.
  • Edit vehiclesetup.m to reflect the vehicle parameters - the file in the zip is set up for something approximately like our guess at a competition rocket.
  • Edit drag.m if you want to change the Cd or perhaps vary it with airflow characteristics
  • Type GRAPH_SUPPRESS=0 (or 1 if you don't want a whole pile o' graphs)
  • Type simulate

Other useful files in this zip:

  • Atmosphere.m - a recent, accurate model of the atmosphere (pressure, density, temperature, speed of sound) at high altitudes
  • balloonlift.m - a very rough and untested model of how much a balloon can lift, but maybe a useful starting point for something better

Henry (hallam at mit dot edu) wrote all of this apart from the Atmosphere code, so ask him if it's confusing.



Simulation State Variables:

  • engine size/hybrid?
  • nose cone design
  • fins, deployable?
  • nozzle modification
  • geometry (tube dia, length)
  • structural mass, material
  • payload mass
  • sensor system: airdata, LINS (inertial nav system)
  • data rate (balloon relay?)
  • recovery mass
  • launch system: first stage/piston system
  • launch angle



  • descent rate
  • ballistic coeff: 12 lb/in^2
  • I_max = 200,000s
  • comm system


  • CU Spaceflight: max mass
  • $$
  • Ignition Delay

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