MIT Rocket Team Materials Acquisition

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Procedure for Obtaining Ethanol (200 proof):

  1. Print out a copy of the Authorization form linked here: File:MIT Rocket Team Approval form needles alcohol.doc
  2. Have this document signed by a person with the title Professor, Lab Director, Department Head, M.D., or Pharmacist (as specified on the form), as well as by yourself.
  3. Obtain a Requisition form from Anne Maynard, in the department office in 33-214 (she's the one authorized to sign for the RT account).
  4. Sign the requisition yourself, immediately above Anne's signature, identifying yourself as one authorized to purchase Ethanol with the RT account.
  5. Take the Authorizaiton form over to Kristen Shikes on the 4th floor of NE49 (in Tech. Square), and have her fax it over to the VWR Solvent Stockroom.
  6. Go to the Solvent Stockroom (1:30 to 3, weekdays) in E25-169, and give the person at the window the requisition form (and possibly the original of the Authorization form, if they want it).
  7. Deposit the ethanol containers in either the flammables cabinet in 41-116, or in the blast chamber, 37-084.

Information about Obtaining Gases:

  • Visit Anne Maynard in 33-214. Order using SAPWeb -> AirGas? -> Industrial Gases category.
  • LN2 and LOX: 230L, 230PSI dewars (pressure listed is that of the relief valve)
  • Liquid CO2: 160L, 350PSI dewar
  • He: 300 cu. ft. tank

Acquiring Metals

  • Admiral Metals, Woburn MA. They have a scrap / surplus pile.
  • MIT Central Machine Shop (particularly for small pieces, like small pieces of stainless steel)

Load Cells