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  • Mark Zeren
  • Alex Herkenhoff
  • Wilfried Hofstetter
  • Bill Simmons
  • Jeremy Conrad
  • Paul Wooster

Main topic: What should be the long-term / short-term goals? (i.e. what is our strategy?)

Notes from brainstorming:

  • format that allows for easy write-up of "tech reports", tagging
  • what did we find useful during our development? compile / file
  • tools, "open STK", look fr existing open source "STK" (ITAR issues?)
    • what does really fall under ITAR
    • "Orbiter", programmed by Cambridge-based guy
  • idea would be to both collect and to "seed" framework
  • should framework provide a means for delivering value to collaborators?
    • connection to industry
    • build up a communicty
  • might use it as a workspace for our space architecture group
  • use it first without thinking about the big picture too much; allow it to grow
  • create a file / information sharing system; draw on existing systems (mediawiki)
  • use sourceforge / cvs
  • consistency is difficult to ensure with wiki
  • documentation best in one consistent document
  • combination of mediawiki and sourceforge
  • "dspace: MIT library system; intended to be static (adding, but no changing)
  • gforge: open source version of sorceforge
  • spacenet?
  • use blog-style starting page
  • "basecamp" milestones + messages
  • "writely": document editing tool; collaborative editing
  • mailman, archives of mailing lists
  • advocacy
  • educational tech reports / tutorials
  • infrastructure: sharing, development, community
  • possible near-term actions: create a logo (:D), scour the web, mailing list

Action Items:

  • "Scour the web" for possible content / existing information to pull in -- Wilfried
  • Corral our MIT space architecture group into using an initial framework -- Paul
  • Testing/identifying possible content management software -- Jeremy
  • Setup blog software / try out space news blog -- Bill
  • Setup server access for Jeremy and Mark -- Bill
  • Help wilfried with scouring the web -- Alex
  • Think through how to get more collaborators involved -- Alex
  • Setup Mailman server -- Mark

(Note: Person is lead for each item; in many cases others can help them out)