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Contact Information

  • Name: Wilfried K. Hofstetter
  • Email:
  • Email:

About Me

  • Educational background: mechanical / aerospace / systems engineering, systems architecting, product development, enterprise management
  • Professional interest: design & development of complex systems (spaceflight, energy, transportation), business strategy / models, innovation & technology mgmt
  • Current occupation: Principal with The Boston Consulting Group
  • My full resume can be found here.


Journal Publications

  • Cooper C, Hofstetter WK, Hoffman JA, Crawley EF (2010) Assessment of Architectural Options for Surface Power Generation and Energy Storage on Human Mars Missions, Acta Astronautica 66 (2010) 1106–1112.
  • Hofstetter WK, Wooster PD, Crawley EF (2009) Analysis of Human Lunar Outpost Strategies and Architectures, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 2009, 0022-4650 vol.46 no.2 (419-429).

Conference Publications

  • Gruenwaldt S, Hofstetter WK, Palm H (2011) A Framework for Supporting the Transition to Lean Systems Engineering, INCOSE 2011, Denver, CO, June 20-23.
  • Guest AN, Hofstetter WK, Wooster PD (2010) Interplanetary Transfer Vehicle Concepts for Near-Term Human Exploration Missions beyond Low Earth Orbit, AIAA Space 2010 Conference and Exhibition, Anaheim, 30 August - 2 September 2010.
  • Guest AN, Hofstetter WK, Cooper C, Crawley EF (2009) Architectures for an Integrated Human Space Exploration Program, AIAA Space 2009, Pasadena, 14 - 17 September, 2009.
  • Guest AN, Hofstetter WK, Cunio PM, McLinko R, Grosse E, Hoffman JA, Crawley EF (2009) A Minimalist Approach to Crewed Lunar Exploration, AIAA Space 2009, Pasadena, 14 - 17 September, 2009.
  • Cooper C, Hofstetter WK, Hoffman JA, Crawley EF (2008) Assessment of Architectural Options for Surface Power Generation and Energy Storage on Human Mars Missions, IAC-08-A3.3.B, International Astronautical Congress, Glasgow, Scotland, October 2008.

Academic Theses

  • A Framework for the Architecting of Aerospace Systems Portfolios with Commonality (May 2009) doctoral thesis according to the degree requirements at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Large Eddy Simulation using the AVBP Solver (January 2004), 3rd (non-mandatory) semester thesis at Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
  • Methodical development of the polymer foil-clamping system for a traverse direction orienting machine (April 2004), 2nd semester thesis at PE/TUM, Germany in cooperation with Dr. Collin GmbH, Ebersberg, Germany.
  • Cost-effective transfer of a satellite from LEO to GEO (December 2001), 1st semester thesis at LRT/TUM, Germany in cooperation with Astrium GmbH, Friedrichshafen, Germany.


  • Design Space Exploration and Set-Based Design, guest lecture at the University of Applied Sciences Munich, 25 October 2010.
  • Surface Mobility and Human Spaceflight Mission Analysis, guest lecture at Technical University Munich (TUM), 2 February 2010.
  • Introduction to Space Transportation Systems II, guest lecture at Technical University Munich (TUM), 19 November 2009.

Book Chapters


  • Mindell DA, Uebelhart SA, Siddiqi A, Gerovitch S, Logsdon J, Hoffman JA, Young LR, Newman D, Oman C, Tomlinson ZA, Hofstetter WK (2009) The Future of Human Spaceflight, Space, Policy, and Society Research Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Matty D, Boren M, Connelly K, Gagne D, Hofstetter W, Nickel J (2007) US Army Aviation Lean Enterprise Transformation, project final report, ESD.61 J Integrating the Lean Enterprise, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Bairstow B, Baldesarra M, Coffee T, Fong A, Hofstetter WK, Hong SB, Judnick D, McCloskey S, Mellein J, Underwood J (2006) Extensible Planetary Surface Mobility Systems, final report MIT 16.89 / ESD 352 Space Systems Engineering, Spring 2006

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