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This page documents suggested features to include as part of the website. This is part of the DevelopSpace Information Systems project. Please list features here that you think would be useful to include as part of Please sign your additions (you can do so by adding four '~').

  • Make it easy for people to join up and get involved
  • Allow people to create and improve upon content
  • Provide version controlled information storage and retrieval
  • Allow people to comment on content and technical topics more generally, and for others to see this commentary in the future
  • Enable collaboration around particular topic areas
  • Provide tracking for tasks, feature requests, bugs, etc (i.e. ticket tracking)
  • Allow users to interact and get to know each other, learn about others contributions
  • Cross-reference contributions and activities across various topic areas
  • Allow tie in for email notifications of updates for specific content items, topic areas, or everything
  • Assist in scheduling meetings, events, etc.
  • Provide easy ways for people to get involved in existing activities and make a meaningful contribution in so doing
  • Provide online engineering tools:
    • drawing
    • computation

Updated: pwooster 05:08, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Bolded items are things that are already at least partially done.


Basic Features

  • Ability to upload designs with version and access control -- SVN
  • Ability to comment on said designs
  • Discussion Threads
  • Voting
  • User Profile -- People
  • Mailing Lists -- Via -- should create an overview page
  • Search feature: ability to look for type, spec,
  • Ability to post data from tests or use to a specific design

Advanced Features

  • Ability to view engineering drawings in real time (like move the models around)
  • ability to screen shot and mark up designs
  • ability to have teleconferences and be able to view and jointly mark up designs (i know there is something like this out there)
  • Formal design review process
  • Repository of environmental assumptions (like if you are trying to run a dynamics model, the vibration environment of a specific rocket)
  • Task assignment / monitoring
  • requirements traceability?
  • Budgets Control (power, weight) -- be able to annotate designs and have them roll up to ensure it supports total project budget.
  • Time Line / Gantt Charts

Comments from Jeremy Conrad:

  • User Profile
*Users need the ability to sign up
*When signed in, site should track comments and changes
*Access Control: users should only have the ability to edit, upload, and see what they have permission for
*Some ability to verify users as "legit" people with experience

comment from --Wsimmons 09:06, 5 October 2007 (EDT): One solution is Social Network-like set-up. Instead of "friends", there are "colleagues". Users can form groups around a certain project which will have permissions to edit the project. Your reputation/resume grows as you work on more projects and are recommended by other users (similar to LinkedIn recommendations).

  • File Storage
*Ability to Upload files with version and access control
*ability to view files? I think a really cool feature would be to have a flash based CAD viewer
*tag files with meta data. to include weight, power, size, design maturity
  • Comments
*Ability to leave comments on designs
*Be able to draw on images of designs to be able to articulate desired changes
*Possibly be able to limit comments to certified users
  • Project Management
*Time line
*Action Items assigned to users
*Gantt Charts?
*Master budgets