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This page is for the MIT Space Systems Architecture Group to organize its activities. This group works on a variety of space systems architecture projects, primarily in support of NASA's human space exploration endeavors.


  • Paul Wooster (Research Scientist)
  • Wilfried Hofstetter (PhD Candidate)
  • Phillip Cunio (Masters Student)
  • Zahra Khan (Masters Student)
  • Timothy Sutherland (Masters Student)



  • Human Lunar Exploration Campaign and System Commonality Study [2007-2008]
  • Human Mars Exploration Architecture and Moon-Mars Commonality Study [2007-2008]


  • Human Lunar Lander and Campaign Architecture and Cost Reduction Study [2006-2007]
  • Exploration Descent and Landing System Commonality Study [2006-2007]
  • MIT 16.89 Space Systems Design Class - Human Planetary Surface Mobility System Design [2006]
  • Comprehensive Human Moon and Mars Exploration Study (Draper-MIT Concept Exploration & Refinement - CE&R) [2004-2005]


Reference Library

Our group has assembled a series of references that are of use in the analysis and design of space system architectures. These references are catalogued here.

Models and Tools

Under construction...