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  • Projects overview
    • I/S project
    • Engineering software project
    • MIT SSAG
    • Apophis
  • Website
    • domain name
    • graphics
    • What functionality to include?
    • What to do to determine this?
    • Who is developing it?
  • Incorporation
    • general status
    • articles of org., bylaws
    • officers and directors
  • Contacting other people / expanding our network
  • Conferences
    • Attending BU conf next week
    • Attending ISDC conf, May 24-28
    • CosmosCode abstract submitted for OSCON, July 23-27
    • CosmosCode abstract accepted for SmallSat, Aug 13-16
    • DevelopSpace abstract accepted for Space 2007
    • DevelopSpace abstract accepted for IAC

Meeting Notes

An overview of projects was provided. Wilfried will post information related to the Apophis project to the website.

Potential functionality to include in website was discussed. Two major types of users were discussed, those interested in seeking information/reference material and those interested in working on particular projects. In line with those involved in projects, offering a mechanism for trusted reviews of designs would be worthwhile. Providing a means to have peer reviewed information as well as "draft" or "not yet reviewed" information was discussed. In proceeding with reviews, we should be mindful of the (ideally) high "clock speed" of this technology. An ability to also have a good archive of information including stable (and ideally short) links, would also be useful.

The project and information hosting service provided by DevelopSpace will live at For the time being an about page will be included to describe the organization itself. In the future the domain could be used for the DevelopSpace organization, particularly if it is branching out into additional activities.

We will engage in identifying and examining existing open source / collaborative information resources in order to determine potential functionality that may be worth including as part of We should aim to also determine what works well and what does not with existing solutions. Discussion can take place over the mailing list, although results should be posted as part of the I/S project on the wiki. Pat, Paul, Jeremy, and Chase volunteered to work on this topic.

The articles of organization and bylaws are nearing completion. After another proofread, they will be sent around to the group for review. Paul will put together a proposed list of directors and officers for feedback. Incorporation within the next week or so appears to be quite feasible.

We should work on expanding our network and increasing involvement. A number of upcoming conferences will assist with this. We have submitted abstracts to some of these. Paul will post those abstracts to the wiki. We should also work on expanding our use of resources such as LinkedIn for networking purposes.